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Committed Christians everywhere recognize their need for spiritual sustenance from the Bible, whether for personal quiet time alone with God or group Bible study.  

However you choose to use it, the Daily Bible Guide software (here) will make sure you never struggle to find the verse you are looking for, and even if you have the reference it will find it faster than you could look it up manually!

It's a free software and comes in the form of a toolbar powered by the search engine 'Ask' - here's what it looks like:

Since it's immediately available from your browser, your Bible Verse lookup and all the other features are immediately on hand 

1. Find any Bible verse fast

2. Receive daily inspiration free.

3. Effective Bible Study resource tool

4. Get Bible quotes direct to your PC

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Inspirational Bible Verses

When setting up this small site, the original plan was to quote as many of the inspirational Bible passages as we could find, especially focusing on the ones that people search for most frequently.

But what happens when we don't list the verse you're looking for? Unless we include the whole Bible (which probably has copyright implications for more popular translations) there are bound to be big chunks of text missing.

So fix our problem of not being able to quote enough text - and to fix your problem of being able to quickly find the verse you need, we have linked up with the Daily Bible Guide which has an integral search facility.